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Accept check by phone fax or web

Many companies are now taking advantage of the check processing technology that the phone and utility companies have been using for over a decade. Our service makes it possible to turn check by phone, fax or web into a economical and secure payment method. CheckComposer.com makes accepting checks by phone and check by fax cheaper and faster than accepting credit cards or ACH.

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Bank Routing Number Search Engine

Single & Recurring Payments
Add Multiple Users & Permissions
Batch Upload Checks
Online Bank Database
Check Gateway (API)
Web Based
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Eliminate Credit Card Fees
Eliminate Late Payments
Accept payment from customers who don't have a credit card
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Insurance Agencies
Collection Agencies
Clubs and Organizations
Web Based Sales
Utility Companies

Learn about the Check21 system
The FDIC check restructuring initiative
Accept checks from your website
FDIC check fraud brochure
FTC on demand draft fraud
A Guide To Legal Compliance

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